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When is it better to use the BIM methodology?

The BIM methodology is suitable for a wide variety of projects in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). It is especially useful for large, complex projects with a large amount of data and design information, such as high-rise buildings, housing complexes, commercial and healthcare facilities, public infrastructure, and urban development projects.

In addition, the BIM methodology is especially useful in projects that involve multiple disciplines, such as architecture, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and others. Collaboration and coordination between these disciplines are essential to ensure accurate and efficient design and construction, and the BIM methodology provides a centralized platform for these activities.

In projects with tight budgets, the BIM methodology can also be very useful in helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The BIM methodology allows design and construction teams to identify and solve problems before they turn into costly errors and construction delays.

In summary, the BIM methodology is suitable for a wide variety of construction projects, especially those involving multiple disciplines, large amounts of information and design data, and projects with tight budgets.


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